Omnis Software: New Company Name


With immediate effect Tigerlogic UK Ltd has changed its name to Omnis Software Ltd. The German and French subsidiaries have also changed their company names to Omnis Software Germany and Omnis Software France, respectively. In general, we will refer to the company as Omnis Software.

During the name change process, over the coming weeks, all references to the company will migrate from Tigerlogic to Omnis Software or Omnis. Specifically, all company email addresses will change from to Our website will continue to be located at:

We urge you to update your records, making any necessary amendments, and we look forward to serving you as Omnis Software in the future. If you have any questions regarding the name change, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales office.

Contact us:

Omnis Demo Apps show off JavaScript Client


The Omnis JavaScript Client lets you create applications that can be run on more or less any device, including desktop computers, tablets and phones, on all the major platforms iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. To create web and mobile apps using the JavaScript Client you have to create a Remote Form in the Omnis Studio IDE and add ready-made JavaScript Components, such as Edit controls, lists, buttons, tabs, sliders, and so on. The finished app is added to the Omnis Server alongside a normal web server, and your app is presented to your end users via an HTML page: the web page can be loaded in a standard web browser on the device or desktop.

To demonstrate the full capabilities of the JavaScript Client and all the components, we provide a number of demo apps on the Omnis website in the ‘JavaScript Apps Gallery’. From there you can open the demo app, enter some sample data, and in some cases you can download the app so you can re-use the classes and code in your apps. The following apps are among the demos we provide:

  • Omnis Weather
    shows how you can use Omnis as a client to consume a RESTful web service published by to provide a summary weather forecast in your location; more technical info & sample library are provided in the tech note: TNWS0002
  • JavaScript Components
    provides over 40 different example apps for the JavaScript components, including sliders, switches, lists, charts, maps, subforms, and other standard controls; within each demo you can download the Studio 8 sample library
  • Omnis Quiz
    shows how you can present a number of questions or discreet steps, with score logging, plus the use of subforms and animations – and you can test your Studio 8 knowledge!
  • Omnis Holidays, Todo, Memo, Contacts
    these online demo apps show the complete range of features you can use in the JavaScript Client, including SQLite database storage, use of subforms, most of the JavaScript components, and how you can adapt your app for desktop and mobile use; the Omnis libraries for these apps are available in the Hub in Studio 8

The JavaScript Apps Gallery

All these online demos are available on the Omnis website in the JavaScript Apps Gallery, with the individual apps hosted in the AWS cloud:

Get Omnis Studio 8

In order to run any of the libraries locally you will need to download Omnis Studio 8: you can get a 90-day free evaluation copy from the Omnis website here:

Omnis Academy: Coming to a place near you


The Omnis Academy was launched last year in Germany and so far over 20 developers have benefitted from this training opportunity, with several going on to create their first Omnis application. The first courses were held at the Omnis offices in Hamburg, but new for 2017 we are providing the Academy courses in English, French, and Italian at various locations in the different countries – the English course will be held somewhere in Benelux, the French course in Paris, and Italian in Milan. We are pleased to provide various dates in the first half of 2017 and we look forward to welcoming some of you in the Omnis Academy in the near future!

What will I learn?

The Omnis Academy provides 3 intensive days training on how to use Omnis Studio for creating web and mobile applications for desktops and phones. The course allows you to learn all aspects of using Omnis Studio including creating database classes, designing the UI for your app, using JavaScript components to build web forms and menus, and using Omnis table classes and methods to optimize the business rules in your app. The course modules cover many different topics, including the following:

  • Setting up the library, Class design, SQL logon
  • Data Objects, SQL classes & Superclasses, SQL error handler
  • Designing the UI, Subforms, Messaging concepts
  • Remote form superclasses, Dynamic lists & menus
  • Logon methods & Encryption, creating Roles based Grant system

The course is suited to new or intermediate Omnis developers, or other programmers who are already familiar with a similar development tool or programming language, such as Java. It would be an advantage if you have used Omnis before or spent some time evaluating it before the course. The course would be ideal for developers who have used Omnis 7 or an earlier version of Omnis Studio (up to Studio 6), and those wishing to move up to the latest version of Omnis Studio 8.

More info and how to register

For more information about the Omnis Academy, course dates in 2017, and to register, please see our website:

Germany, Hamburg:

Benelux (course in English):

Italy, Milan:

Dates for courses in France will follow shortly.

Happy Holidays from Omnis & Review of 2016


We would like to wish all our customers and partners a Happy Holiday, and we look forward to working with you in the coming year! 2016 has been an exciting and eventful year for Omnis with the release of Omnis Studio 8.0 in March, and the purchase of the world-wide Omnis business by a group of distributors and partners in October. And the Omnis development team in the UK managed a move to new offices in May, while continuing the enhancement of Omnis Studio releases on the way.

Omnis Studio 8 was the highlight of the year with several major new features and enhancements:

  • 64-bit and Cocoa support on macOS;
  • the new App builder to assist new and existing developers to create and prototype web & mobile apps;
  • the new Code Assistant to help developers to write Omnis code more easily and efficiently;
  • the new Hub inside the Studio Browser with useful information & tips;
  • the ability to drag and drop data in remote (web) forms;
  • plus the additions of Themes & color management for the Omnis IDE and deployed apps.

If you haven’t looked at Omnis Studio 8 yet, you can try a 90-day free trial here:

Omnis Germany were busy as well attending CeBIT in March 2016, plus they held a 2-day developer conference near Frankfurt in June, and launched the Omnis Academy which provides 3 days of free training in Omnis to help developers get up and running quickly in Omnis Studio and the JavaScript Client. Several new developers have benefitted from the Academy and many more classes are being held in 2017.

New Beginnings

In October, EurOmnis, the European Omnis developer conference, was held in Italy for the first time and this was where we announced the purchase of the Omnis business, and Studio 8.0.2 was released. The Omnis acquisition was made by OLS Holdings Limited, a new UK corporation owned by a group of Italian, Australian and German partners and developers. One of the directors of the new company David Lewis will assume an operational role within the company, and over the next 12 months will conduct a comprehensive review of the world-wide Omnis business. First off in that process was to hold meetings with American Omnis developers in December in San Francisco and Boston: we are pleased to report these meetings were very positive, and an important step in restarting the Omnis business in North America.

On the software product side of the business, we plan to release Omnis Studio 8.0.3 in early 2017 and Studio 8.1 in the first half of the year. So there’s much to look forward to in 2017!

Learn Omnis in 2017

If you are evaluating Omnis or you would like to learn new skills in your Omnis app development, then we suggest you check out our Webinars or the Omnis Academy. The online webinars are held every week and provide a live demo of Omnis Studio, catering to many different levels of developer. The webinars are hosted by our Technical consultants and support teams and are conducted in English, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Omnis Academy courses are held once a month in Germany and the Benelux, and several dates are available for 2017 (plus we are hoping to hold courses in France over the coming weeks).

Sign up for Webinars:

Sign up for the Omnis Academy (German):

Meet the new Omnis Directors


At EurOmnis in Italy in October, some developers got the opportunity to meet the directors of the company that now owns the Omnis business, OLS Holdings Ltd, a new company based in the UK. For those of you who don’t know the directors, we would like to introduce them here.

Andrea Querci is an Italian entrepreneur with a background in engineering and extensive experience in computer science. He has worked with the Olivetti Group and was technology advisor for one of the top banks in Italy (now UBI Bank), where he successfully managed several migration projects from IBM MVS system to Unix/Oracle environment. Since 1993, Andrea has been the President & CEO of Software Products Italia, a leading VAR with a global presence and distributor of Omnis products for many years in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and more recently in Mexico, Central & South America.

Gert Stiewi is Managing Partner of SMS System-Management Stiewi GmbH, a German company and has more than 30 years of experience in software development. After his professional education in banking Gert studied Economics and started his career in software development with a local IT company. Since 1990 Gert’s company specialized in development of software for travel expenses in the German government and it is now the leading software for Travel Management in Germany. Omnis has been his development platform since 1994.

David Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in international business as an attorney, in software development, corporate advisory, M&A, business strategy, Asian market expansion, licensing and change management. He is a serial entrepreneur having built several startups in Australia, the USA, UK and Hong Kong and has advised companies throughout the world. David is also a lawyer with a background in IT and Intellectual Property protection. He is currently CEO of The Chaos Group, a fast growing Media Advertising Agency, CEO of software company The DLA Group (Omnis distributor in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia), Entrepreneur in Residence at the AFG Venture Group and on several advisory boards. He is a former Visiting Fellow in the Faculties of Law at UNSW and Sydney University.

Omnis Directors

Moving Forward

David Lewis will act as Chair of the Board and assume an operational role with the company. He will consult widely over the next 12 months and review all aspects of the worldwide Omnis business. All present Omnis companies remain in place and our outstanding country managers will continue to look after customers. We intend to rebuild a US presence as soon as possible over the coming months. We are hoping to change the name of the company back to Omnis Software.

Meetings in the US

For customers in North America, you will get the chance to meet David Lewis, together with Bob Whiting who is Omnis General Manager and based in the UK. Both are flying out to San Francisco and Boston on December 6 and 8 and would really like to meet as many North American developers and customers as possible. Further details and signup for the US meetings are here:

Who’s Using Omnis: Bündner, Maxolution, Logical, Infomega


For over three decades, Omnis has been the platform on which developers have created leading-edge enterprise applications that are used throughout the world by top businesses in a variety of industries and government agencies – from financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, media, and real estate, as well as non-profits and education. In this blog post, we are pleased to highlight a few of these outstanding companies or organisations representing use cases for Omnis products today.

  • Bündner Kantons School, Switzerland: The Cantonal School of Graubünden (Bündner Kantonsschule) is the largest high school in the Swiss canton of Graubünden: they use Omnis for all school administration.
  • Maxolution, The Netherlands: Maxolution specializes in developing software for Windows and macOS for businesses including Knowledge Management and ERP systems.
  • Logical Dev, Australia: Logical Developments provides a broad range of solutions for businesses on Windows and macOS including Logistics for managing freight and storage.
    Read the full case study
  • Infomega, Greece: Infomega Race Results created an Omnis application to deliver live Web and SMS race results for world motorsport events, and is the official timekeeper for several international events.
    Read the full case study

If you use Omnis, you’re in good company

There is a section on our website which highlights many companies and organisations who have found success by using Omnis as their application development platform of choice. Visit this showcase to see more companies using Omnis:

All products and brand names mentioned herein are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Purchase of Worldwide Omnis Business


Dear Omnis Colleagues,

We are delighted to report that today, we have finally completed the acquisition of the worldwide Omnis business from TigerLogic US.

This acquisition has been made by OLS Holdings Limited, a UK corporation owned by Omnis Italia SRL, a group of Italian Omnis developers represented by Andrea Querci, President of Software Products Italia, Sinmo Pty Limited, represented by David Lewis, CEO of The DLA Group in Australia and Gert Stiewi, CEO of the German development company SMS System-Management Stiewi GmbH. Together we form the Board of Directors.

The Headquarters of the company will return from the USA to its ancestral roots and be based in Saxmundham in the United Kingdom. For the time being the company remains under the name “TigerLogic UK”, however it is our intention to change the company name back to “OMNIS Software” as soon as possible!

We each have more than 25 years’ experience with Omnis, we love Omnis and, with your assistance, we plan to return the Omnis business back to the strong company that our customers demand and our outstanding software deserves.

David has assumed an operational role with the company and, over the next 12 months, he will conduct a comprehensive international review of the Omnis business.

We are delighted to announce that the business of Omnis will continue to be run by the fantastic Omnis staff in the UK, France and Germany. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the dedication over so many years of Bob Whiting and Bob Mitchell in the UK, Alain Teboul in France, and of course the one and only Birgit Jäger in Germany. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work closely with these outstanding colleagues as we rebuild the business. The US Omnis business will continue to be administered from the UK prior to the re-establishment of a US presence in the near future.

Our doors will always be open to our dedicated developers and clients and we very much look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible over the coming months.

We know you all love Omnis and want us to win as we rebuild this proud and modern software company. We know that you will assist us to do so.

To the future – OMNIS rules!


David P. Lewis
Aus Mob: +61 412 117 322
UK Mob: +44 7885 772209
Andrea Querci
Mob: +39 329 8330564
Gert Stiewi
Mob: +49 170 5805244

OLS Holdings Limited - 18 October 2016

World Class Omnis Speakers: EurOmnis 2016


In about a month’s time, some of the top Omnis speakers in the world will be assembled at EurOmnis 2016, the European Omnis Developer conference, which this year is being held near Siena in beautiful Tuscany. Some will fly in from North America, others will travel from all parts of Europe: all of them will be dedicated to providing you with 4 days of intensive Omnis training, and sharing with you their vast knowledge and experience of using Omnis Studio. The chance to be in the same place as all these guys at once comes only once a year, and EurOmnis 2016 is your one chance to be there: so you really shouldn’t miss it!

The topics on offer cover the whole range of capabilities within Omnis Studio, and all levels of expertise are catered to, from beginners to advanced developer, while some ‘hot topics’ of the day, such as the ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Cloud’ computing, are also covered. For beginners, there is a special 4 session course introducing application development using Omnis Studio. Here are the speakers at EurOmnis and some of the topics covered:

  • Doug Easterbrook – creator of TheatreManager, an integrated ticketing and CRM solution for theatres and sports venues
    Sessions: Error Reporting and problem diagnosis using Sentry; Bootstrap and Adaptive Web Pages; Improve Studio performance with a bag full of Postgres tricks.
  • Mischa Klement – long-term Omnis developer and all round Omnis guru
    Sessions: Subwindow widgets; The DataUniverse, a different way to organize your data
  • David McKeone – lead developer of TheatreManager with ArtsMan
    Sessions: “Cloud” Software Lifecyle: Monitoring, Testing & Auto update; Server Monitoring using Nagios
  • Mike Matthews – MD of Lineal Software, an IT services and support company, and creator of SQLWorks business management software
    Session: Customising Omnis and branding your app;
  • Lars Scharer – expert in clinical data management, and creator of a patient diary mobile app in JavaScript Client for University Hospital Freiburg
    Sessions: How to integrate CSS & JavaScript based themes; Smartlists executed on JavaSctipt Client, Convenient and fast local DB without wrapper.
  • Jon Harris – Omnis developer looking at features inside the latest Studio 8
    Session: Deploying charts using Omnis and the web to create dashboards
  • Rob Mostyn experienced Omnis developer, helped to create MyEcoCost, an EU-funded software solution to enable a global environmental accounting system
    Sessions: Introduction to Omnis Studio, a 4 session programme to introduce newcomers to Omnis Studio.
  • Michael Monschau – created many Omnis JavaScript & External components, including OWrite word-processor, and knows core Omnis Studio inside-out
    Sessions: A new way of looking at your data (Brainy Data’s products featured); Inside Omnis Notation in Studio 8; JavaScript and External Component development for Studio 8.
  • Andreas Pfeiffer – senior consultant with TigerLogic Germany, and experienced Omnis trainer and conference speaker
    Sessions: Menu System, Messaging and Access Rights in the JavaScript Client; Sending admin alerts to the user using Push Notification.
  • Dan Ridinger – created GalleryGuard, a tracking system for fine art and valuable objects for galleries and public collections
    Sessions: Dynamic Database Architectures; RFID and IOT+ for the REST of us

A list of speakers, their biographies, and full session details are provided on the EurOmnis website:

More info about the conference

The conference takes place at the former monastery of La Certosa di pontignano in Tuscany, from 16th to 21st of October, 2016. For further information, accommodation details, and to register, go to the EurOmnis website:

And as a bonus this year, Italian and Spanish developers can attend a partner meeting in the morning of Thursday 20th October, at the same location, and then take part in the Plenary session by TigerLogic staff in the afternoon, which will include demos of the latest Omnis Studio 8 release and information about future product enhancements.

Euromnis Conference & SoftPI Partner Meeting


In just over six weeks, Omnis developers from across Europe and further afield will be attending the European Omnis Developer conference, known since its origins in the 1990s as EurOmnis. For the first time, the annual EurOmnis conference will be held in Italy, in the former monastery of La Certosa di pontignano, near Siena in beautiful Tuscany: the conference runs from October 16 to 21, 2016. And also for the first time, the Omnis Italian/Spanish Partner meeting hosted by Software Products Italia (SoftPI) will be held at the conference on Thursday 20 October, and the organisers are hoping that many Italian and Spanish developers will attend both events.

The EurOmnis conference features sessions by some of the top speakers in the Omnis community, all with many years of technical knowledge and business experience using Omnis Studio. The technical sessions on the conference schedule include: An Introduction to Omnis Studio (largely for beginners); “Cloud” Software Lifecyle: Monitoring, Testing & Auto update; Improve Studio performance with a bag full of Postgres tricks; Server Monitoring using Nagios; Smartlists executed on jsClient; Deploying charts using Omnis and the web to create dashboards; RFID and IOT+ for the REST of us; “The DataUniverse”; XCOMP development: Studio 8 Window Controls, Cocoa and 64 bit; Menu System, Messaging and Access Rights in a Omnis JavaScript; and many, many more. Look up the schedule on the EurOmnis website:

The EurOmnis conference is spread over six days (allowing for check-in & out), and the technical sessions all take place from Monday to Thursday (the fees cover everything including the conference sessions, hotel accommodation and meals). Then on Thursday afternoon senior Omnis staff will host the plenary session in which Bob Whiting, Omnis General Manager, and Bob Mitchell, Omnis Engineering Manager, will demonstrate the significant features in the latest version of Omnis Studio 8, and will also outline any future developments in the product. There will be a Question and Answer session, followed by the EurOmnis Gala Dinner

The Omnis Italian/Spanish Partner Meeting, hosted by SoftPI on Thursday 20, is intended for Italian and Spanish Omnis developers, to hear all the latest news about Omnis Studio and any business updates. Several Italian and Spanish developers will show their applications during the morning, and then the organisers mention they have invited a special guest… (you’ll have to attend to find out who it is). Then after lunch Italian and Spanish developers at the meeting can join the Omnis plenary sessions for further news and updates about Omnis Studio. For further information about the Italian/Spanish Partner Meeting go to the SoftPI website:

EurOmnis: more information and registration

For prices and further information about the conference, go to the EurOmnis website:


Euromnis: Omnis Developer Conference in Tuscany


20 of the most prominent and knowledgeable speakers in the Omnis world, over 50 great technical sessions to choose from, delivered over 4 days within a beautiful and historic Tuscan location: what more could any serious Omnis developer want? That is the promise for this year’s Euromnis, the technical conference run by Omnis developers, for developers.

In past years, the conference has been held in The Netherlands, but this year it relocates to the beautiful Tuscan countryside at the Certosa di Pontiniano, a former monastery and now a conference center and hotel just a few kilometres away from the medieval city of Siena. The conference will run from Sunday 16th to Friday 21st October, with the main technical sessions Monday to Thursday, and will be combined with the Italian Omnis developer meeting (which we believe will be on the Friday).

Euromnis 2016

The conference schedule (which is currently being finalised) will feature a vast array of Omnis related topics including: Deploying charts using Omnis, Subwindow widgets, Server Monitoring using Nagios, Inside Omnis Notation: Studio 8, JavaScript & External component development, Dynamic Database Architectures, and more. Plus there’s a track “Introduction to Omnis Studio” that runs throughout the conference designed for those who are new to Omnis Studio. The setup of the conference allows you to choose which individual sessions you attend, so the conference is entirely tailored to your needs, and when combined with all the “off-schedule” meetings, the conference provides an intensive (and fun) environment for you to learn all aspects of Omnis Studio, both technical and business related.

Senior Tigerlogic staff will attend the Euromnis conference with Thursday afternoon given over to the Tigerlogic team to talk about all the latest technical features in Omnis Studio 8, and to provide an insight into the future developments in the product. And as we reported back in February this year, that Tigerlogic Corporation plans to divest the Omnis business, so we are hoping to have further news by the time of the conference, so you should attend to hear the latest business updates as well.

Further information

For full details about the conference and to register, please go to the Euromnis 2016 website: