Omnis Demo Apps show off JavaScript Client


The Omnis JavaScript Client lets you create applications that can be run on more or less any device, including desktop computers, tablets and phones, on all the major platforms iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. To create web and mobile apps using the JavaScript Client you have to create a Remote Form in the Omnis Studio IDE and add ready-made JavaScript Components, such as Edit controls, lists, buttons, tabs, sliders, and so on. The finished app is added to the Omnis Server alongside a normal web server, and your app is presented to your end users via an HTML page: the web page can be loaded in a standard web browser on the device or desktop.

To demonstrate the full capabilities of the JavaScript Client and all the components, we provide a number of demo apps on the Omnis website in the ‘JavaScript Apps Gallery’. From there you can open the demo app, enter some sample data, and in some cases you can download the app so you can re-use the classes and code in your apps. The following apps are among the demos we provide:

  • Omnis Weather
    shows how you can use Omnis as a client to consume a RESTful web service published by to provide a summary weather forecast in your location; more technical info & sample library are provided in the tech note: TNWS0002
  • JavaScript Components
    provides over 40 different example apps for the JavaScript components, including sliders, switches, lists, charts, maps, subforms, and other standard controls; within each demo you can download the Studio 8 sample library
  • Omnis Quiz
    shows how you can present a number of questions or discreet steps, with score logging, plus the use of subforms and animations – and you can test your Studio 8 knowledge!
  • Omnis Holidays, Todo, Memo, Contacts
    these online demo apps show the complete range of features you can use in the JavaScript Client, including SQLite database storage, use of subforms, most of the JavaScript components, and how you can adapt your app for desktop and mobile use; the Omnis libraries for these apps are available in the Hub in Studio 8

The JavaScript Apps Gallery

All these online demos are available on the Omnis website in the JavaScript Apps Gallery, with the individual apps hosted in the AWS cloud:

Get Omnis Studio 8

In order to run any of the libraries locally you will need to download Omnis Studio 8: you can get a 90-day free evaluation copy from the Omnis website here:

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