If you are an existing Omnis developer wanting to learn more about our latest technology, including the JavaScript client, or if you are evaluating Omnis for the first time, then our FREE online webinars are the best way to get familiar with the newest features in the product today. And we have just added dates for next year up until June 2017, so let your new year’s resolution be to learn the latest Omnis Studio in 2017!

The Omnis Studio webinars will fast track your introduction to the latest enhancements in Omnis Studio 8, including all the latest enhancements in the JavaScript Client and tips on building Mobile apps. The webinars are available in English, German, Spanish and Italian, and provide you with a unique opportunity to interact directly with Omnis’ technical staff about the functionality and capabilities of the latest Omnis products. The Webinars feature the following topics:

  • Introducing Omnis Studio
    Provides a general introduction to Omnis Studio. Illustrates practical steps on how you can quickly develop a functional application and connect to your database via a web browser within a few minutes.
  • Develop Mobile Applications with JavaScript Client
    Demonstrates how you can quickly create mobile applications using the unique Omnis JavaScript Client that will run on all types of mobile devices including Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.
  • Develop Web Applications with JavaScript Client
    Demonstrates how you can create powerful, high-performance web applications that will run in any web browser including desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Develop Standalone or ‘Serverless’ Mobile Client Applications
    Demonstrates how you can create standalone mobile apps that allow data to be stored on the client device and synchronized with your enterprise database system via the Omnis Sync Server.

About the Presenters

The English and German webinars are presented by Andreas Pfeiffer, Senior Omnis Technical Consultant with Omnis in Germany, along with other members of our technical support team in Germany. Andreas has over 20 years of experience in Omnis programming, and consulting for top European customers, as well as presenting at many conferences in Europe, USA, and Australia. The Spanish and Italian webinars are presented by Software Products Italia, Omnis distributor for Italy and Spain. (Other staff members from Omnis technical support and consulting teams may also host webinars.)

Sign up now

Webinar dates are scheduled throughout the first half of 2017, so we urge you to sign up on our website and see what the latest version of Omnis Studio 8 has to offer. Registration is here: www.omnis.net/webinars/webinar_en.jsp

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