Omnis Studio 8.0.3 & Dictation: PREVIEW


We are planning update releases in 2017, including a Studio 8.1 release within the first half of the year, but before that we expect to release Studio 8.0.3, which has many fault fixes, a few enhancement requests, and a few other new features. Several of the fixes enhance the 64-bit version of Omnis Studio on macOS Sierra, and we have added Apple Finder events support and Dictation for Mac end users. Plus we have added some nice enhancements in the JavaScript Map component.

Here is a summary of the enhancements and updates anticipated to go into Studio 8.0.3:

  • Dictation
    will allow end users to enter text into Edit fields using the built-in dictation on macOS Sierra; dictation must be enabled in the config.json file
  • Apple Events
    a new Object Class that will contain AppleScript to run various Apple Finder events, to replace Apple Events commands which will be made obsolete
  • Map Markers
    extended support for Google Maps will allow you to add a larger variety of map markers (circles, arrows) and polygons to maps in your JavaScript apps
  • Page Panes
    the JS Paged Pane control will have a new property $animatetransitions, which will allow you to animate the transition when the current page is changed
  • Worker Objects
    additional support for notifications will be added in the Worker Objects, for example, to allow you to report progress on a long operation in your SQL transactions
  • Hardware ID
    a new function will be available to return the string ID of the hardware on which Omnis Studio is currently running; this replaces sys(227) which has been removed
  • Icon functions
    There will be an additional optional noscale parameter to the $getpict() and $getmask() functions in the OmnisIcn Library function group

Data Entry via Dictation

We anticipate that Dictation support will be available in Single- and Multi-line edit fields, the edit part of Combo boxes, and edit fields in Complex grids in remote forms (and window classes), that is, wherever text input is required. Dictation must be enabled on the client device and will be enabled in Omnis Studio in the config.json file. Standard dictation mode will try to convert audible speech into meaningful text into edit fields, while Enhanced mode will provide offline support, translation, live feedback (text is rewritten while speaking), as well as the ability to respond to spoken commands such as “Select All”, “Cut that”, “Move left”, and so on.

We anticipate Studio 8.0.3 will be available in early 2017, but the exact release date is still to be decided.

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