New Windows 10 wrapper SDK: Beta Program


The Application Wrappers provided with Omnis Studio 8.x, and currently available for iOS and Android based mobile devices, allow you to deploy your JavaScript Client based apps as standalone mobile apps (rather than deployed to end users’ web browsers). The wrapper SDKs are available to download from our website, together with complete documentation describing how you can build and deploy standalone mobile apps. We are pleased to let you know that we are developing a new wrapper for deploying standalone apps on Windows 10 devices, including desktop PCs, Surface® tablets, and Windows Phones®.

The Windows 10 wrapper SDK will produce a “Universal Windows Platform” (UWP) app, which should run on any Windows 10 based device, including desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices. As with the iOS and Android wrappers, it allows you to build a branded app based on Omnis JavaScript Client remote forms, with the ability to access device functionality, local database and data synchronization features, as well as the ability to run self-contained, without the need for an Omnis App Server. This will allow you to turn your Omnis JavaScript Client application into a native look-and-feel Windows 10 application, which can be distributed within an organisation, or via the Microsoft Store.

The new wrapper will be compatible with Omnis Studio 8.0.2 only, and the Beta will be available soon. If you want to try the new Windows 10 Wrapper SDK, you can sign up to the Beta Program here:

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