Top Tech Gear of 2013


The Power of the App in 2014

In case you missed any of this year’s technology news or breakthroughs, we thought it fitting to share with you on the last day of the year, a roundup of the “Top Tech Gear of 2013” highlighted in the infographic below.  From the Blackberry Z10 launch in January, to the Google Chromebook launch in April, to the Samsung Smart Watch release in September – many advances were announced that included software, smartphones, tablets, computers and gadgets. While the technology varies, one main theme remains constant — these devices are geared to deploy applications. This not only reinforces the power of the app, but also the possible future development opportunities for Omnis Studio built applications – which are deployable across virtually any device and platform.

Omnis Studio in 2013

2013 was a very exciting year for Omnis and marked the launch of Omnis Studio version 6.0 with major new enhancements to its feature-rich JavaScript Client platform that enables developers to create and deploy highly interactive web and mobile enterprise applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows based devices, all from one code base (see “Creating Web and Mobile Apps with Omnis Studio white paper). In 2013, Omnis developer CNM successfully deployed their electronic diary system for patients with bipolar disorder. Built utilizing the newest Omnis JavaScript Client technology, CNM is meeting today’s healthcare trend towards two-way online communication between patients and healthcare providers (see all Omnis Studio Success Stories from 2013 and earlier).

What’s ahead for 2014?

What are your best bets for what’s ahead in technology for 2014? At TigerLogic, we look forward to bringing you the latest Omnis Studio offerings that support our on-going commitment to the growth of the Omnis developer community and your business. We wish you all a happy and innovative app filled New Year!


Top Tech Gear of 2013


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