Battle of the Smartwatch


With the progression from smartphones, to tablets, to wearables like Google Glass, and now smartwatches – the possibilities and ways to deliver and experience mobile apps seem never-ending. We recently found a comparison infographic from Forbes we thought we’d share on four different smartwatches, all said to be available sometime this fall. The Sony Smartwatch 2, the Pebble, the Qualcomm TOQ and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

With all the varying features available on each smartwatch there is definitely one constant, all are app ready (Qualcomm is still in TBA mode). And we aren’t just talking a few apps here; the Pebble is estimated at having over 500 available. These wearables are still in their infancy, but we see this as just another possibility for the world of Omnis enterprise applications. Omnis is a ‘perfect fit’ — virtually any device that uses web standards, including HTML5 and JavaScript, can deploy Omnis Studio applications, which runs on multiple platforms and therefore devices.  So who knows where or how you may be using an Omnis app in the future?


Battle of the Smartwatch

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