White Paper: Creating Web and Mobile Apps


The use of smartphones and tablets has become so prevalent and so much a part of business that any software development project will eventually require some cross-platform capabilities to better suit the needs of the modern web and mobile enterprise. Having decided you need or want to create a mobile deployment for your enterprise solution, what technology do you use?

There are a great many ways of developing applications for the web and mobile devices. This is a constantly changing area of software development and one that presents many challenging decisions on which technology best fits your current and future business application requirements.

Mobilizing your Enterprise Applications with Omnis Technology

TigerLogic’s “Creating Web and Mobile Apps” white paper explores the benefits of using a browser based client technology for creating and deploying web and mobile apps in today’s enterprises, and provides you with an overview of the JavaScript Client and App Server technologies available in Omnis Studio.

Aimed at application developers and technology professionals, the content of this paper focuses specifically on the cross-platform capabilities of the Omnis JavaScript Client browser based technology that can present software applications in a web browser on virtually any device, on any platform, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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