QR Codes on the Rise


As a follow up to our post on QR Codes & Omnis where we showcased one example of an Omnis app using QR codes, we thought we’d share this infographic we found created by PrintRobot.

To further support QR codes in general, we’re also including this impressive statistic from the analytics company Comscore. Comscore released a report in September 2012 which stated that the European usage of QR codes by smartphone users doubled within 12 months.

“European smartphone users scanning QR codes via their devices grew by 96 percent in the past year to 17.4 million users for the three month average period ending July 2012.”

Coupled with the knowledge that QR code usage is on the rise, this infographic is a great visual representation of QR code usage statistics and ties in nicely as a general visual of the who, what, when and where QR codes are being used.


QR Code Usage Statistics


Omnis developers can be right on trend alongside the advancement of QR codes in mobilized business applications. With the added capabilities of the Device Control, Omnis Studio 6.0 developers can integrate. QR and Barcode scanning into their Omnis built mobile apps together with many other device-based features such as GPS, Camera and Text Messages.


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