Omnis + BlackBerry Live 2013


The BlackBerry Live™ 2013 conference (formerly known as BlackBerry World™) is being held May 14 – 16 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida, and promises to be one of the largest mobile technology events of the year. TigerLogic will be on hand as a Proud Sponsor and exhibiting in the BlackBerry Live Sponsor Showcase. This year’s event focuses on the BlackBerry® 10 platform and includes technical and business insights, mobile strategy development, the leaders behind BlackBerry, expert advice and services, and what’s next for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Partner

As an authorized “BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise”, the TigerLogic Omnis team will be on hand in the Sponsor Exhibitor Showcase to illustrate how Omnis Studio enterprise mobile apps can be developed and deployed to BlackBerry 10 devices. Our BlackBerry application demonstrates Omnis Studio’s latest JavaScript Client which allows developers and enterprises to create all types of web and mobile apps that will run on virtually any device, on any platform, including desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones running BlackBerry OS 10.

The BlackBerry demo Omnis Studio app lets you manage stock levels by scanning QR codes and checking products in or out – you can try this for yourself at BlackBerry Live!

The app showcases client hardware device capabilities, suitable for creating all types of enterprise and vertical applications. To see more Omnis BB10 demo app photos, visit our Facebook page or to explore more about Omnis Studio’s mobile app capabilities in general, visit

About BlackBerry Live

BlackBerry Live is an event for a wide range of interests, networking opportunities, and insight into the future of BlackBerry. From IT professionals looking for a new business solution and technology platform, to mobile app developers looking for an innovative development platform and device features — if BlackBerry is on your agenda these days, then you may want to attend this event and see first-hand what they have to offer.

For more conference information and registration, visit:

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