Mobile Apps for the Enterprise


Recent findings point to industry predictions that 2013 is the year of ‘Mobile Apps for the Enterprise’, as it appears the enterprise is reassessing their view of mobile platforms to address their business needs. Responses to a recent survey performed by Harvard Business Review indicate growing interest and motivation in utilizing mobile devices to access their enterprise system applications and critical data.

As the survey infographic highlights, the need and growing interest for mobile enterprise apps crosses all industries, departments and roles.

  • 58% of respondents have already deployed industry specific mobile apps.
  • 52% of respondents have deployed line of mobile business apps – including apps for department of finance, CRM, HR and field services.
  • 54% of respondents indicated the mobile investment drivers as the need for executive access to critical business information.

Many Mobile Apps to Choose From

While these numbers are comprehensive, there are more findings to support growth in the mobile app for enterprise space.  We’re aware that today’s mobile phone users download many apps. One of the factors in the drive for apps into the enterprise is coming from the realization that individuals are using their own mobile devices (BYOD) in the work environment. Findings in a recent article published that the average smartphone has 41 apps. We imagine that only a small percentage is specifically for business so by this the market appears to be under-penetrated, however gaining momentum and interest.

Offline Capabilities for Enterprise Adoption

The ease of access to critical business information and ability to work “offline” may be an important element to mobile device success in the enterprise. With TigerLogic’s Omnis Studio 6.0 release, mobile enterprise applications will have offline capabilities to run a mobile app without the need for an internet connection. Omnis Studio’s “standalone” solution can fully operate a mobile app when a connection to the internet from a mobile device is intermittent or not available.

In “online” mode, Omnis Studio built mobile apps can be connected back to the Omnis App Server to synchronize your mobile app database and application content with an online database. This mode would suit end users need to synchronize their database or update their client application files to a central location once an internet connection is re-established.

Omnis Studio for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Accessing enterprise systems from mobile devices offers a great opportunity for Omnis developers. Omnis Studio provides the ability to create apps that connect natively to all leading databases, and deployable across virtually all platforms, and all devices — something which the enterprise is looking for.

Learn more about Omnis Studio.

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