German Omnis Developer Conference


We are pleased to announce that TigerLogic Germany will be holding a two day conference for German speaking Omnis Developers at the Landhaus Hotel Waitz near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, on the 4th and 5th of June 2013. The conference is aimed at experienced Omnis Studio developers as well as those who are new to the product wishing to gain valuable insights into the latest Omnis development.

See Omnis Studio 6.0 in Detail

At the conference, developers will learn in detail about the Omnis JavaScript Client technology for creating mobile and web apps, the new features in Omnis Studio version 6.0 such as standalone mobile apps and synchronization, accessing features on mobile devices including the camera, GPS, etc., and the new SQL Multi-tasking with SQL Worker Objects. Sessions will also provide practical examples, useful background information and tips and tricks on a whole range of Omnis development topics as well as an outline of the next release following 6.0 and other exciting new Omnis products that we are working on.

Learn from Others

We are delighted to be joined by several Omnis developers who will illustrate their mobile and web apps (including a new developer presenting his first Omnis mobile project), and describe their experiences in using the latest technology in Omnis Studio. Attendees will also be able to discuss enhancement requests so that you may have an influence over the next releases of Omnis Studio. The conference also provides an opportunity to network and meet fellow developers in your area, exchange experiences and initiate new projects or collaborations with other Omnis developers.

Conference Program

We are currently in the process of finalizing our conference agenda. Below is the preliminary list of topics we will cover:

Conference Day 1:  4 June 2013

  • The Omnis App Server
    This is the nerve center for your Omnis web and mobile apps, database access, Web Services, synchronization and business logic
  • Omnis JavaScript Client
    Quick and easy development for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone
  • Offline Solutions
    For mobile devices and data synchronization with the Omnis App Server
  • From Online, to Cloud, to App Store
    How can I deploy my mobile Omnis applications?
  • New Features in Omnis Studio 6.0
    Such as the SQL Worker Objects for loading data in the background
  • Omnis Developer Apps
    Examples by Omnis developers and presentation of new Omnis applications

Conference Day 2:  5 June 2013

  • Looking Forward
    Information about Omnis Studio 6.1
  • DASframework
    The first free framework for even more efficient development of Omnis applications
  • Eclipse
    Exclusive preview of the new product OmnisX
  • Omnis Developer Showcase
    Presentation of innovative Omnis projects highlighting examples from customers
  • Future Omnis
    The next planned stages in the development of Omnis Studio
  • We are Listening
    Opportunity to tell us your requirements for Omnis Studio
  • Feedback
    Questions and answers about Omnis Studio

To find out more or to register for the conference, please contact TigerLogic Germany.

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