BlackBerry Experience Forum – Visits Paris & Frankfurt


Momentum continues to build for the new BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 as the BlackBerry Experience Forum (BEF) travels across the globe, recently making a stop in London. TigerLogic’s UK Omnis development team was on hand in the Vendor Partner showcase to demonstrate how Omnis Studio’s JavaScript form design for BlackBerry 10 phones can offer users a great experience on this platform. These events are specifically designed to provide hands-on time with BlackBerry 10 and allow developers and resellers to evaluate the new device and services offered by the Canadian phone maker (RIM renamed to BlackBerry after their iconic black phones).

“We were one of 40 partners in the BEF13 London Showcase. While demonstrating Omnis Studio cross-platform development and deployment capabilities, the ‘code your apps once, deploy anywhere’ message was warmly received by prospects to our stand. Use of native wrappers for each device providing speed of development and consistent user experience coupled with a single development code base is a ‘utopia’ for mobile app developers, providing the best of all things”, commented Bob Whiting, General Manager, Tigerlogic UK Ltd, at the London event on March 6.

Omnis Studio is an integrated development environment for creating enterprise, web and mobile apps that will run on virtually any device, on any platform, including BlackBerry phones and tablets. As the BEF moves on its international tour this week, TigerLogic will again participate in the Partner Vendor Showcase at the BEF Paris (19 March) and Frankfurt (20 March) events. For more information about these live events, go to:

The BlackBerry Experience Forum is connecting top enterprise IT decision-makers with developers of enterprise mobile apps. Delegates are experiencing great new device features and learning how to send more info to them and process more info on them. We’re excited to preview an Omnis Studio 6.0 app running in a new BlackBerry 10 wrapper. The demo app displays on a BlackBerry Z10 device, in standalone mode with local database support and QR scanning capability.

On the left, the Omnis Studio 6.0 beta design environment under OS X illustrating our BlackBerry 10 demo app in design mode. On the right are the Omnis Studio Property Manager and the app running in the BlackBerry 10 simulator.

To see more Omnis BlackBerry 10 demo app photos, visit our Facebook page or to  learn more about Omnis Studio’s mobile app capabilities, visit


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