Looking Forward to Omnis Studio in 2013


2013 is set to be an exciting year for Omnis developers. In this first blog post of the New Year, we look forward to the features anticipated in Omnis Studio 6.0, a release which builds on the JavaScript Client technology introduced in Omnis Studio 5.2 and provides a richer, more interactive experience for mobile app developers and end users on virtually any device, or on any platform.

Apps that will run standalone or synchronize on demand

A new wrapper application for the JavaScript Client will allow you to provide mobile applications that can run either without any connection to the Omnis App Server or with an intermittent connection which would allow for your data and app content to be synchronized with the server backend. This will expand the possibilities for creating all types of mobile applications for different devices and business scenarios.

Access to the mobile device for GPS, taking photos, and more

A new JavaScript control, called the Device Control, will allow end users to access features on their mobile device, such as getting the location of the end user’s device using GPS, retrieving the contacts information from the device, or returning images from either the camera or photo library on the device. Depending on the type of application you are creating, some or all of these features may be useful to enhance the interactivity and functionality of your app for end users.

Powerful SQL Multi-tasking providing a better user experience

The new SQL Worker Objects in the DAMs will allow you to optimize server management by running long SELECT statements or other tasks in the background and on multiple threads, allowing the Omnis GUI to continue without interruption.

Dynamic “responsive” web apps in Omnis

A new set of properties for web and mobile forms as well as components will mean that your apps will become “responsive” — forms and components will resize and scale automatically depending on the type of device the app is running on. And, with the new “Subform sets” you will be able to create multiple subforms or small windows within the main browser window or frame which users will be able to pop up, move around and resize.

Printing in PDF will come as standard

A new printing device will allow you to print a report or multiple reports to a PDF file which can be displayed in your JavaScript web or mobile apps on the end user’s device.

And looking further ahead…

Following shortly after the Studio 6.0 release will be (you guessed it) version 6.1 which will support 64-bit processors. On the Mac platform, the SDK will be rebuilt using the Cocoa code base from Apple. These two features together will add speed and interactivity to the Omnis development environment and your deployed apps, while adding protection to your investment in Omnis technology well into the future.

Want to know more?

If you are a member of the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) and you want to try out the mobile app development and SQL multi-tasking features in the BETA version of Omnis Studio 6.0, you can request to join the Beta program on TigerLogic’s website. Happy Omnis coding in 2013!

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