From Web Browser Plug-in To JavaScript Client


A rich environment in the browser

Since its release in 1999, Omnis web client technology has supported the development of all types of business applications for companies large and small throughout the world. The Omnis web browser plug-in has enabled Windows and Mac developers to create applications that could run in a web browser, but look and behave exactly like desktop apps. In its own way, the aptly named “Omnis Web Client” plug-in was ahead of the curve at the time it was released in the sense that very few development tools offered such a powerful and feature rich environment for creating business applications that could run in a standard web browser over the Internet or enterprise intranets.

Adopting modern web standards

In recent years, more advanced web technologies have developed, and the Omnis development team identified the ability to deliver the same rich environment that users expect on the desktop – without the need for a web browser plug-in. We all know that the world of apps have progressively become mobile, especially in the enterprise. Therefore, building a browser-based application development technology was ideal for the myriad of web-enabled devices coming onto the market, including smartphones and tablets. Increasing functionality available in browsers with JavaScript and CSS, together with the standards becoming established around HTML5, the Omnis development team focused efforts on a JavaScript only based client for web and mobile browsers. Crucially for users this meant there was nothing to install.

Setting the app (and the developer/users) free

To greatly enhance the Omnis Studio development environment, it was important to leapfrog the barriers of the plug-in while continuing to provide a rich, interactive experience for developers and end-users. In February 2012, TigerLogic launched Omnis Studio 5.2 with the new “JavaScript Client” allowing developers to create applications that will run on virtually any device, on any platform―including devices running iOS, Android, and Windows. By “virtually any device”, we mean if the device has a web browser that supports JavaScript it can run a web or mobile app created using Omnis Studio 5.2 and the JavaScript Client. Devices include desktop PCs, tablet computers, smartphones, and even game consoles and web-enabled TVs. Thus, the possibilities for web and mobile app development within the modern enterprise are nearly limitless with the Omnis JavaScript client technology, which will be further enhanced with the release of Omnis Studio 6 later this year.

JavaScript success already

We are pleased that many developers who have created apps using the Omnis Web Client plug-in over the years are quickly realizing the potential of the Omnis Studio JavaScript client. These developers are either migrating their existing apps or creating entirely new web and mobile apps. A quick browse through our Success Stories illustrates the range and scope of solutions that have been created with Omnis web client technology. Most recently, German Omnis developer, CNM, has used the new Omnis JavaScript client to create a mobile app to help patients with bi-polar disorder communicate with their medical practitioners.

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